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    Local Administrator

    duser2k3, For some reason I think the script tries to check all pc's in the domain, now we have a very large domain, worldwide, and of course I'm an administrator from just a part of it. Is it possible to change it so I can enter the OU, or maybe something that it checks a list provided by me with the client names. I think it's a very nice script but as we have up to ten thousand clients I'm a little bit scared that it will mess up the entire structure :-) I understand a bit of the code but not how you find the client names, is it possible to explain a part of it? thanks
  2. InspecJ

    Local Administrator

    duser2k3 Thanks for the script, we only use Windows XP clients in our network, I will try it out on Monday :-) By the way, grrrrreat job, it looks so pretty. Greetz man,
  3. InspecJ

    Local Administrator

    As can an application called alteris-however Alteris is far too expensive for just this task. As a free option I think Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser may give back a list of local admins on machines.....however the acount under whom the app runs must also be an administrator on these machines. There are also ways to do this using VBscript however my knowledge of VBscript is not strong enough to go into detail on this hoever I am sure someone will come up with some script if that is the route you wish to take. Kippy Hello Kippy, Thanks for the reply, and thank you all! We use Altiris at work but I did not know that I could use it to check the local groups on the clients? Can you tell me how to do? thanks
  4. Hello, Is there a tool to check every PC in the network what Users/groups are member of the Local Administrator Group? I do not want to check one PC at the time. Thanks a lot Kind regards InspecJ
  5. InspecJ

    2,500 Keywords To Get You Hired !

    Link still works, thx for sharing! I love this world, and it's ours! InspecJ
  6. InspecJ

    Anti-virus +win2003 ?

    Thank you all for the feedback, As I'm using this in a private test domain and I ask myself the question if there is something like a crack/hack for any corporate/enterprise version? I can download the trail, but what can I do with 30 days :-) I think you all understand what I'm trying to say?! Good tips you can mail to inspecj@yahoo.com
  7. InspecJ

    Playboy Calender --2005

    Good one, but I think you need a patch V7.8, - Memory update + harddisk error. Greetz
  8. InspecJ

    How Much Do You Spend For Internet

    Hi, In Belgium we spend 41,95 euro a month for a cable connection. Details: Download speed: 4 Mbps Upload speed: 192 Kbps Max download traffic : 10GB Max upload traffic: 1,5 GB Mailbox: 4 x 50 MB Kind Regards InspecJ
  9. InspecJ

    Anti-virus +win2003 ?

    Thank you for the information, I will try something out. What problems did you already had with Norton or Mcafee? kind regards InspecJ
  10. InspecJ

    Anti-virus +win2003 ?

    Hello, What anti-virus software should I use on a Win2003 server? I heard that Trend micro is doing a great job with this combination? Thanks InspecJ
  11. InspecJ

    Hard Disk

    We had a lot of problems with Maxtor in Dell computers. (Crash). Dell replaced them after a lot of complains from the company. So I prefer Seagate. Regards InspecJ
  12. InspecJ

    How Do You Ghost?

    I would suggest Norton Ghost, you also have great tutorials with it. Even a child can follow the steps to prepare a ghost file. InspecJ
  13. InspecJ

    What Are The Best Firewall Freeware Programs?

    Hi, Blackice is easy to configure and worked well for me. Good luck InspecJ
  14. At work we can not check our online e-mails anymore. Like: hotmail, yahoo etc.... Internet explorer is using an automatically configuration script. (Proxy server) We can change our internet explorer settings but we tried everything already, websense is blocking all the fun! (If we are using an analogue line we are able to see the sites that normally are blocked for us) Is there a way to get back our freedom? InspecJ