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  1. Respected Friends i am back :-) after a very very long time and struggle (which is still going on, cant help it :-)). I cleared my CCIE (R/S) at the start of this year, so after almost 7 years i cant be more satisfied with my achievement. (It was my first attempt) Over past many years, we used to accuse Cisco of using confusing wordings in configuration to give everyone a hard time understanding what they actually want us to configure. Cisco even made the situation worst by introducing OEQ. But then it actually came up with a very nice idea, introducing Troubleshooting section in both CCIE and CCNP track. Why troubleshooting section is such a good thing to have ? its the hidden characterstic of a true engineer, the one we truly miss in our daily life. Unfortunately (yes, unfortunately) everyone is able to configure any and everything in Cisco based products. So when you are faced with some problem in your configuration, you will probably meet 3 kinds of engineers when you seek help 1) Those who will tell you how to fix it, but they dont have any idea themselves 2) Those who will tell you what the problem is, but wont tell you specific steps to solve it 3) Those who will tell you what the problem is and how to solve it step by step Cisco's idea for troubleshooting was to identify engineers that belong to 3rd cateogary. And in my view, Cisco has succeeded in it. There are ppl who are still dumping the lab, we are still able to see dumpers who even memorizes the troubleshooting section, but the number has decreased. So whats the actual beauty of TS section ? it makes sure what we all strive for !!! the straight config. No word games, no mind benders. How to prepare for it ? well this is the most interesting part. You have to know the fundamentals for every technology and be able to identify steps on notepad what makes a particular technology work. More to come ....
  2. Hi Talent, Which SIP phones are you using ? Cisco 9000 series ?
  3. pappyaar

    Olive support mpls ?

    Hi all, I just wanted to know that anyone has experience with running mpls on olive ? i have heard that it doesnt supports it ? Anyone
  4. pappyaar

    After a long long time

    Well i still dont get the strategy, you still let dumpers pass while the actual engineers ought to fail. Why they are giving "un-passable" lab to some and compromised to some ? Again, cisco strategy will sure let it down.
  5. pappyaar

    After a long long time

    FS, I am not dissappointed, just shocked when saw few posts that referred them
  6. pappyaar

    After a long long time

    Hi all, I am here after really a long time, so has FS allowed dumps ? i mean i am seeing ppl referring to k6,k7 etc :-)
  7. Hi All, I have 2 refurbed 1811 routers in stock. Anyone interested to buy kindly send me a pm.
  8. pappyaar

    Website Hosting !

    Hi all. Can someone give me some idea about which site to use as web hosting. I want to explore affliate marketing and putting ads on my website. So which website hosting on internet do you prefer ? I have heard about the following websitepalace.com sitesell.com Or if you have experience with any other site then kindly let me know. I want to use different add programs with it like affinity, adsense so that site should be supporting it. Kindly let me know
  9. pappyaar

    Remote access vpn !

    Dear chrcel, Can you elaborate on this ? to me, on demand approach is poor !!
  10. pappyaar

    Remote access vpn !

    Nope, I am talking about normal sms and phone calls !!! I mean, what is the procedure applied abroad ? i mean what is the standard way of giving remote access to system administrators ? is it on demand or given permanent with some other security parameters in place ?
  11. pappyaar

    Remote access vpn !

    Hi guys, Dont take this post offensive, i deeply respect CISSPs since most of them are involved in some real research work out there. This is specific to a person who has recently done CISSP and about one of his decision about given remote access to our system administrators. I have joined this organization for about 4 years now (in nov, my 4th year will be completed), and we usually give easy vpn access to any executive when required. Usually its restricted to the specific server(s) they need to access. Now suddenly our Internal Audit deptt raised a question (after 4 years ?) that IA: NO, NO, NO. we cannot give permanent access to administrators. Its a 365 days risk that we cannot take. But what kind of risk ? these administrators doing something intentionally illegal or there id being misused ? (keep in mind we use xauth to provide dual layer of security) IA: BOTH !!! These are unix administrators we are talking about, do you think they will do anything illegal from there home, while they can easily do it in their office and remove all the tracks ? IA: NO NO, we collect the logs everyday, we will catch them !! From whom do you get the logs ? IA: From these administrators ofcourse !! So you think, after doing anything illegal they will not tamper the logs ? you are taking the logs from those whom you are suspecting ? its just asking a guy on a payrol to come daily and report his activities !!!! will he ever admit he has done something illegal ?? IA: NO NO NO, (silence) Well this conversation actually happened between me and the CISSP guy who is the head of our IS deptt. They proposed the following (due to our worst ever city conditions, violence, strike etc) IS head: When no one is able to come office, YOU (means me) will access the router from home, create their username and passwords and will tell each system administrator either by sms or by phone !! ME: What if my internet is down ? IS head: NO NO, manage it some how !! ME: How am i suppose to manage when my internet is down ? IS head: its a worst case scenario !! ME: Yeah and let me tell you, my internet is indeed down for 1 month !!! IS head: (silence) There was alot more debate but frankly, since you guys are on senior post with more experience, give some input on above discussion. I mean, is this really a right way to allow administrators on demand ? what usually happens in your organizations ? am i right in assuming that giving on demand access through phones and sms is really a bad security idea not at all scalable !! Is this really the way it should be ?
  12. pappyaar

    How to make most of google maps with GPRS !

    Sorry, my fault. yes its GPS
  13. Hi all. I had a discussion with my senior about a GPRS camera (or wrist watch ?). He told me that these devices can be used on conjunction with GPRS system to pin point your exact location on google map. Can someone tell me exactly how to do it ? which device shall i use for GPRS and then which cell phone do i need to see the exact google map of where i am standing ?
  14. pappyaar

    CCIE ...is it worth getting

    I agree. Cisco is one of the oldest players in market. They know the customer requirements and have molded the IOS to meet those. Let me share my story about a Huwaei guy willing to sell his routers to us 3-4 months back when we were planning to buy ASR 1000 ( and we did). Here is rough outline of conversation Him: Sir, our router provide x times better throughput then ASRs. Me: WOW, good. Does it support Technologies that i am running ? Him: We support all OPEN technologies. Cisco is usually proprietary Me: Oh ok, how about DMVPN ? Him: No sir, we support MVPN (or something like that) Me: But NHRP is open protocol Him: Yes but we support MVPN Me: So what you suggest ? if i take your routers, how will i aggregate my 220 branches ? Him: You can run P2P tunnels Me: So you are suggesting i shall step back to old age ? why should i bother buying your router and take the headache of more then 400 P2P tunnels ( currently we have 6 NHRP tunnels in contrast to 400+ P2P tunnels ;-)) Him: But sir i am talking about open technologies Me: Okay, by open you mean if i take your router and Juniper routers (since they also claim to be open) they will run MVPN with each other Him: No they wont Me: Why ? you said open !! Him: Yes, but juniper i think wont support it ... (we went on and on, they tried to convince me to revert back to P2P tunnels and run Site to Site VPNs in contrast to ipsec profiles) Me: Okay, do you support AAA ? Him: Yes we do, we support open techs Me: But i have heard that Radius protocol doesnt support command logging in routers, it just tell the start and stop of session, i need tacacs to support command accounting Him: Sir i told you we support only OPEN TECHS !!!! I hope you get an idea. I submitted my rejection report (verbally to my boss) that i am not at all going with Huwaei. To me, they are nothing but crap (for enterprise) no offense to anyone :-)
  15. pappyaar

    CCIE ...is it worth getting

    I agree, What is important when you are building a network infrastructure ? (not servers but connectivity devices). Confidence that you will do it !! ISP and Enterprise are two seperate markets and what i am seeing in my country, Huwaei is coming fast in ISPs. They are cheap, and they are developing, enough to throw juniper out (no offense). What i have heard is, Cisco is not a major player in ISPs but yes, you cant throw Cisco out from enterprise from a bunch of new comers like Huwaei, and even juniper (in the enterprise market). Why i do i stick to cisco ? because it gives me all sort of solutions !! thats enough for me :-)