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    ios help AP 3502I-R-K9

    Good day, all! May I ask your help? I mistakenly bought Access point cap3502I-R-K9 ,but I don’t have a wireless controller. I‘ve read this article http://samswireless....lowup-post.html For running my Access point 3502I-R-K9 at autonomous mode I need this IOS ap3g1-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA.tar or ap3g1-k9w8-tar.124-23c.JA2.tar I cant dowload this ios from cisco.com. and I cant give ap back to my seller. Can you send to me this ios,please? my email: nigmalex@yandex.ru I apologize for disturbing and for my English.
  2. Hi, everybody! I need your help. I have to build this scheme (see the pictures). I have base knowledge of Cisco. Please, give a hint or example how to implement this scheme. How to implement a load balancing? Excuse me for my English. Redundancy scheme consists three levels. The upper level consists two Cisco CE-routers (customer routers), which are the edge devices between internal company network and service provider network. Each CE-router connects to the individual operator that provides redundancy. Routers operate at the same time on main and backup channels. If one of them failure, all traffic is routed through the working router. Intermediate level - these are two Cisco routers, providing the balancing of traffic between the main and backup channels (CE-routers). Balancing routers operate in hot standby scheme using dynamic routing protocols. Dynamic traffic distribution implement by currently active router. If active router failure then a backup router will start to work. The lower level provides information security and consists of two Cisco ASA firewalls , working on active / standby mode. CE-routers link with balancing routers, and balancing routers link with firewalls on a "each with each scheme. This ensures network connectivity even one of the devices on each of three levels don’t work . To implement this redundancy, you must have an optical cable between the two platforms. In addition, for the connection of equipment between two sites is a need to purchase two switches Cisco Catalyst. Corporate enterprise network is connected directly to the equipment of the lower level - Cisco ASA firewalls. Wiring diagram depends on the organization and topology of the corporate network and is developed individually for each company. All routers on the scheme are Cisco 2911. Firewalls are ASA5510 Thank you for your help. http://img19.imageshack.us/f/59991076.png