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  1. alcatraz_akpos

    Passed BSCI Today

    I PASSED TOO.... 966/1000...made a really stupid mistake plus got a couple of questions I had not seen before...maybe I should have studied a tiny bit more! STUDY MATERIALS: 1.CISCO PRESS BSCI GUIDE 2.CBT VIDEOS MODERATED and of course....I have to thank SADIKHOV for tips, tutorials, questions and answers you can't get elsewhere!!!! THANKS ALL!!!!
  2. alcatraz_akpos


    I was also unable to open it. I use office 2007. Any help pleasse!!!
  3. alcatraz_akpos

    IP Multicast

    I'm sorry! I was unable to open the file. It seems the file is corrupt. Can I get it from anywhere else?
  4. Hi, Please I need help. I can not access shared folder on my laptop from other computers in my office. When ever I try it asks for a password and I have tried all the possible passwords I could have created but none of them works. In the first place, I have not set any passwords on my administrator account. The strange thing is that it just started all of a sudden. I've always had access to my shared folders from all the computer on the network. I dont remember changing any settings but it is possible I did it without knowing it would affect file sharing. Please advice. I need access to those folders. Thanks.