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  1. Failover on bgp on high letancy

    I can't see any file.
  2. Failover on bgp on high letancy

    IP SLA is not BGP specific, and I advice you not to play with BGP for this design, because you will have penalties (dampening) from some of the ISPs. But as I asked you in the first post, you have to "waste some time and explain your infrastructure" in order for me to help you.
  3. Failover on bgp on high letancy

    Hi There, I have a solution similar to that in my production environment. You can do this in multiple ways, but you need to explain how your BGP neighbors and subnets are connected, if you have firewall in place sending to the routers, or just routers doing all the NAT stuff etc. The features that can help you with this are IP SLA monitoring (TCP or ICMP latency) or PfR / OER (new technology made for such purposes). The setup will not be easy especially if you are hosting websites and mail servers, then you will need a public IP address which by default should be at least /24 assigned by organization such as RIPE.net. Please explain your current setup and needs, in order to give you the optimal solution for your case. Regards
  4. Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Hi Lohit, First of all congratulations for putting up your mind of becoming a CCIE, if you believe you can dedicate some (most lol) of your time and effort to get it, then you will soon or later. I am at the very last mile of CCIE (my lab scheduled in August). The time-frame for studying this exam will mainly depend on your experience. even people with experience will find many topics that they didn't even heard of before. and they will learn those topics like you do (without previous experience!!), so don't let people turn you down regarding the experience thing. For a study approach, I don't really recommend sticking into one technology at a time... it will lower your confidence at some point. For example if studying OSPF routing, and the neighbors and not coming up, you might think that you have done something wrong in your configuration or there is a network type mismatch, while the problem would be in the frame-relay dlci assignment or something similar that prevented OSPF to come up... you will find many technologies that rely on one another to function properly, that's why it's good to have an idea about different technologies before diving in one specific technology at the beginning. For written exam, CCIE Guide 4rth edition ciscopress is your best choice. For studying the lab, the best thing to do is to start doing full labs from scratch (you have to practice almost all the technologies that you are not familiar with) you can use dynamips for this but you will not have much practice on L2 technologies, try to make up new labs and use all the technologies that you know in them and check the blogs of a guys that make some basic topologies. then time for workbooks comes, I'd recommend starting with Narbik workbook (the man is awesome at explanations and he makes even the difficult topics look easy). after Narbiks Workbooks you can go for INE Vol 1 you will see more technologies in the INE Vol 1, but they lack clear explanation (so don't waste time trying to understand what they are saying! just go to Cisco documentation)... the last part Cisco 360 Practice Labs (this is the most important and most difficult phase you will have, you will be expected to know how all the technologies work, but this one will show you how everything fit together, in addition to advanced tasks in specific technologies). HTH and good luck on becoming a CCIE
  5. Bandwidth Utilization

    Hi majeed, If your servers are MS then most probably the problem lies with the QoS mechanism that MS uses. try to remove the TCP QoS from your servers (via registry editor), and then do the same test again. Regards
  6. Advice on the CCIE material

    Hi Faisal, I don't have the Tech Library bundle, I requested specific items from them (I got them from Global Knowledge not NMC, which is a different material AFAIK ). I have requested my friend in Global Knowledge some material, and this was the list he provided at my current level of preparation: Workbook (more than 25 exercise/lab) 540 USD CCIE 360 R&S Practice/Rack (10 sessions of 5.5 hrs each) 425 USD Graded Labs *price is per Lab 375 USD Regards
  7. Advice on the CCIE material

    Hi Sultan, I have used the Cisco 360 practice labs once before (in Cisco Networkers event), they are a virtual routers and switches (this is what Cisco says). You can find overview of the 360 practice labs in this link "https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/static/video-wp/CCIE_RS_v4_Lab_Exam_Demo_640x480-v2.htm" you might be required to register to view this video. The routers are 2811 and 3550s / 3560s if I remember correctly, but mainly you will find the same feature set in INE and Cisco 360 (although note that INE still use 2600 at some of their labs, which doesn't have some advanced services such as OER for example. Also note that you might face a hidden command while you are doing the exam (for example the IPv6 access-list command is hidden in most of the IOSs I used). Whats good about practicing the 360 labs before the exam, is that you get to know the testing software beforehand, which is vital, when I first started working on them in the Networkers event, I had many difficulties because I wasn't used to the software. Regards
  8. Advice on the CCIE material

    Hey Faisal, I wish to help the people who are actually preparing for the CCIE and are having questions regarding INE vs Cisco 360, or anything technical about the exam. Regards
  9. Advice on the CCIE material

    Thanks for your post, the main point of this post was obvious, but people drifted away and started a whole new debate.. And I can now change the subject like other people (talking about morals and discuss the copy right material and other BS etc..). I have decided to quit using forums, since I already lost about 7 hours discussing useless points unfortunately, the majority of people I found here are not into the CCIE anytime soon, they still in the "dreaming phase". Please disable my account and I will never comeback to this forum again... Sorry if I posted something wrong in the first place. Regards
  10. Advice on the CCIE material

    I don't mind at all, it's eventually better for everybody if we all share our experiences about the material we used to prepare for this exam.
  11. Advice on the CCIE material

    100% spot on, actually if you go over their forums and see what they recommend about the doc-cd and what you have in the real exam, they are clueless.. If I wasn't busy I would have posted some links of how they failed some students on what doc-cd pages are available and what's not. there are like 10 posts asking about what is in the real exam and none of the INE instructors has told what is really there until I found this link "https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/static/video-wp/CCIE_RS_v4_Lab_Exam_Demo_640x480-v2.htm" When I was studying EEM, and OER from their material, I felt like my IQ is 10 or less,, but then I found an example on this forum from you about the EEM, and I got my confidence back!, the OER I learned it from Cisco 360 material and I felt comfortable eventually about it.. They copy/paste Cisco documentation in the v4 material with very little explanation that lead to confusion most of the time...
  12. Advice on the CCIE material

    Hi Pappyaar, I really appreciate your input, and I like your perspective and approach to this issue. On the other hand the main post was to let others know my experience with INE WB's nothing more or less, because until this very moment, I wish I have read someone posted his "real" feedback about the WBs he used, that way we can buy the useful material and practice what we could face in the real exam. Regards
  13. Advice on the CCIE material

    I will simply tell you that I agree with every word you say, but I can't stand failing, and this is due frustration etc.. bottom line you are 100% correct. and believe me I am still hesitating about the whole dumps idea, but I felt like Cisco made the exam extremely difficult so that all people follow the 360 program (since it has many answers to the brain teaser questions), but the Cisco 360 costs 15000$ which I can't (won't) afford for CCIE R&S lab. I will give you an off-topic example, just to let you know how easy is it to judge others when you are not walking in their shoes! When a person can't get "under the table money" from his work, then he will curse anyone who got paid 1$ under the table!, but when he is in that position where many people come to his office and offering "gifts/money/vacations etc..".. you will see a different man with different principles... Thanks for your input though, I just prefer if you judge me after being in my place
  14. Advice on the CCIE material

    Hey faisal, thanks for being honest at least with us I agree with you about the people who pass from INE WBs, but I don't think they only rely on it, on the other hand look at the rate, I think INE passing rate is very low when I look at the forums there, and see people who was solving almost all tricky INE mock lab questions fail the lab exam.
  15. Advice on the CCIE material

    Btw I am still thinking of whether I should buy dumps or not, and I feel crap already about the time and money I spent, (I have more then 1200 INE rack rental tokens atm, but I am not willing to lab them, and planning to buy labs that support the Cisco 360). First of all the dumps sites are mostly fraud people, 2nd they don't update their material as they proclaim, but they have lots of old "real questions" that helps you get familiar with the wording of Cisco real exam.. and if the CCIE dumps are exact same questions as real CCIE lab then you would have seen 100000+ CCIE numbers by now, believe me I know what I am saying, look at how many attempts are happening everyday, and 90% of the people are using those dumps, but they never study the way I did, it's pure luck for someone to pass based on dumps.