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    Hello there, Almost 10 years ago I start my first Microsoft Certification, MCDST in Windows XP. After that I done the MS courses for MCSA and MCSE 2003 and the exams. I always was dedicated, doing the MOC courses, taking notes, seeing CBT Nuggets, doing exercises before get ready for exams with Test kings and so on. I done MCSA and MCSE because i didnt have a computer science degree and i thought it could be a plus in my curriculum. I’m planning to move to Madrid and I’m wondering if get MCSE 2013 is a good choice. If MCSE have the same recognition in Madrid like other cities in UK or USA, or if MCSE have any recognition at all. Does anyone know if work market recognize MCSA/MCSE in Europe, especially in Spain? Any other certification recommendation that the work market really look for in System administration ? Thanks