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  1. if you are lucky you can use TFTPDNLD, otherwise you'll have to xmodem a IOS to flash. so try finding something small.
  2. you do not want to go down that road. real CCIEs have real networks and do not use labs
  3. yup. that's exactly what I had on my mind.
  4. okay. I am not sure how using deny in prefix list and using than in route-map works for redistribution. I'd rather use two permit P-Ls and an extra line in route-map to deny the interface from redistributing.
  5. or better yet on the receiving router what about database filter?
  6. interesting problem with link- state routing protocol as all routers in an area must have knowledge of all links. what about using a distribute-list?. if it was inter-area than perhaps type3 filtering might help.
  7. you'll have to play with spanning-tree root placement and STP link costs.
  8. first of all. why are you using rspan in this setup? just do 2 local span sessions on both switches a be done with it. second what is the configuration of gi7/10.
  9. 1) it can be said VLAN limit a scope of a broadcast domain. 2) no 3) you cannot have the same address on a L3 interface. should you have a L2 switch only. PC in vlan 2 cannot ping PC in vlan3 even if they have and address from the same subnet.
  10. how about looking in the documentation?
  11. well ASR does not run IOS. it runs IOS-XE look for config guide for IOS-XE instead
  12. well, it depends on what kind of tftp server is running on the
  13. well, there are some FR QoS features (head compression and stuff) that would be worth trying, but I have not seen the lab requirements
  14. 7940/60 only have built in CONFERENCE bridge. And it does not work for recording. You need to have on of the newer java based phones. 7941 and above
  15. they do not have the built in bridge IMHO. I have strange feeling it is available with 7942