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  1. How to Install Patches & softwares on remote & local machines

    Thankx man .... but i think u didnt read my query properly .... i have a workgroup enviornemnt, i can't use domain enviornment, secondly i know v can use WSUS server for patches but i wanna install applications on remote pcs without domian server. i dont have AD Cheerzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. How to Install Patches & softwares on remote & local machines

    Thankx man for the reply .... man i can't use group policies becuz of workgroup enviornment .... gimme workgroup solution ...
  3. Hi Guyz, My company has assigned me a task to Install Patches & customized softwares on remote & local machines. I have more than 2000 clients on LAN & on Remote. All of them are in a workgroup enviornment due to some reasons. Kindly tell me the software of hardware through that i can achieve this task in a workgroup enviornment. WSUS server is available but only for Windows Patches. Your reply would be highly appreciated in this regard. Thanks in advance Cheerzzzzzzz Asim
  4. Passed BSCI today with a score of 1000/1000! :-)

    Salam Ali... how r u ... first of all congratulations for the exam ... kindly update me the version u studied .. which one is latest ... thanks in advance ... i already have scheduled bsci this month
  5. EIGRP Labs

    Thankx Pal
  6. Anybody From Pakistan (can Speak Urdu Here)

    Hi Guyz ... Request to all of u ... no Politics pls ..... Thankx
  7. Anybody From Pakistan (can Speak Urdu Here)

    LOLzzzzzzz Faisal .....
  8. Anybody From Pakistan (can Speak Urdu Here)

    yar bahi is main p4s hee nahe hay koi mujhay ont kay p4s ka link bata day 2.93 and 3.10 Edited Post: Maazrat k saath dear khurram ... khuli aankhoon se check karooo ... mill jaey ga p4s hxxp://www.[nofileshares].com/dir/10152980/226135d6/CCNP_Dumps.html Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I was desperate to get myself banned. So this is a post for such a cause.. Bye Bye Sadikhov!
  9. Anybody From Pakistan (can Speak Urdu Here)

    Bhai ap CCNP k section main check karooo ... mill jaey ga
  10. Anybody From Pakistan (can Speak Urdu Here)

    Dear Khurram ... Check This out ... Edited Post: hxxp://certified.[nofileshares].com Cheerzzzzzzzzz I am clever enough not to read the rules and get myself a warning.
  11. Cisco “Come Back 2009” Promotion

    The promotion is still working from 20th January 2009 till 20 July 2009 .... Cheerzzzzzzzzzz
  12. Cloud Patch on Laptop Screen

  13. Click Into Drive and open Notepad

    Run Antivirus ....
  14. New CCIE # 233XX

    Congratulations Dear ....
  15. How do i access rapidshare & 4shared?

    Thankx Man ..