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  1. Hi boys, can someone please help me find the CBT for MS SCSM? System Center Service Manager Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, can someone please point me to where i can find an exam engine for BR0-003 A+ bridge exam? Thanks!
  3. Anita_java

    Career In Lotus Notes / Domino

    Thanks for the reply dilawar. So if i do system admin for Domino 7, and then do an update for 8.. will that be the equivalant of 847 ?
  4. Anita_java

    Career In Lotus Notes / Domino

    Hi guys. I am currently a systems support tech at my company and i am interested in become more advanced in Lotus Notes / Domino because my company uses that very heavily. I wanted to get some pointers as to where to start my lotus notes / domino certifications.. which exam is the first step. I am getting a feeling "Test 847: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 System Administration Operating Fundamentals" iis the most basic notes certification. Is that true? I have 3 years experience using and troubleshooting Lotus Notes at level 1. much thanks! Anita
  5. Anita_java

    Kiwis Gather Here

    lol looks like no kiwi here.. well hello there lonely kiwi, i'm a canadian btw