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  1. I personally advice you against bringing the old FSMO holder back into the network, been there done that, but in the end that's up to you, read here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc780487(WS.10).aspx specifically the Ramifications of Role Seizure section which reads : "If a role is seized, the new role holder is configured to host the operations master role with the assumption that you do not intend to return the previous role holder to service. Use role seizure only when the previous role holder is not available and you need the operations master role to keep the directory functioning. Because the previous role holder is not available during a seizure, you cannot reconfigure the previous role holder and inform it that another domain controller is now" There is more so be sure to read the whole article Hope this will help. Cheers Lethe.
  2. Lethe

    Scanning of Application installed

    Which distribution? An rpm -qa > /tmp/list_apps.txt could do it, but again that changes from distro to distro. Lethe.
  3. Lethe

    Login issue

    Hmmm weird, as far as I remember you don't get a popup but when tyring to login you are taken to the activation screen where you can change the key, all services should be up and running so that should not be any disruption in that sense. Cheers Lethe.
  4. Lethe

    Login issue

    You need to activate the server to be able to do anything, when you boot the server you are given the opportunity to change the procuct key and activate the license then you will be able to do all you need on the server. Lethe.
  5. Lethe

    Account Managment

    If you're using Windows 2008 you can use a Group Policy Preference to achieve this http://blog.beyondtrust.com/bid/77481/Removing-Users-From-The-Local-Administrators-Group If you're on a Windows 2003 network you could use Restricted Groups GPO, which is slightly different in nature and target, which you can read about here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/279301/en-us or here http://www.frickelsoft.net/blog/?p=13 If you have any question, just ask Cheers Lethe.
  6. Lethe

    NetMeeting in win7

    As of Windows Vista, NetMeeting is no longer included with Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft recommends using newer applications such as Windows Meeting Space, Remote Desktop Connection, Remote Assistance, Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft Office Live Meeting in place of NetMeeting From http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/netmeeting-for-windows-7/40c6f9cb-ed80-4cfa-8073-623fb9b4b827
  7. Lethe

    Exam 70-432 reviewer

    I would start from here http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?id=70-432#tab3 I've heard the book is not as good as the SQL 2005 version but should still be good for preparation, know your ground and you will have no problems in passing the exam. Cheers L.
  8. Lethe

    Seeking suggestion to pass Comptia A+ Exam

    Sure, study and know your ground. I've passed countless exams this way, it's guaranteed to work.
  9. Lethe


    Hey welcome on board You will enjoy and learn a lot I'm sure, in case of any question just don't be shy and ask. Cheers Lethe.
  10. Lethe

    Mail server Zimbra

    Have taken some time to read this? http://www.zimbra.com/downloads/ne-downloads.html As far as I remember CentOS is not among the supported OSes for Zimbra so unless you know very well what you are doing and how to fix stuff I would not adventure in unknown and unsupported territories, anyhow have you tried to use the search function on Zimbra's forums http://www.zimbra.com/search/?q=Perl_Tstack_sp_ptr? L.
  11. Geneva OMG poor you I feel the pain. I don't go over the French border often but when I talked to a Zuricher colleague about the position I was offered there he just told me "consider yourself lucky you accepted job here in ZH as going there would have [censored] up your life.." that should tell it all.
  12. Mark, sorry to hear that but you know how it works. The best possible human "material" at the lower possible TCO. It happens unfortunately my friend, come to the German side of the "world" we have cookies and tasty WeiƟ Bier
  13. I won't tell the name of the employer but before getting where I am now I went through 12 interview of which 3 face to face.In the end got the job even if I passed and joined my current company What to tel... Swiss people are weird
  14. Lethe

    Certificates services templates

    If you use Windows 2008 ("Release 1") you need Enterprise version, if you're using Windows 2008 R2 also the standard version does support v3 templates. Not really relevant to your case but it is mentioned here http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/3072.incompatible-with-windows-server-2008-enterprise-version-3-or-v3-certificate-templates.aspx
  15. Lethe

    grub trobleshooting

    There is no troubleshooting section for both exams but for the sake of work and what you will face in RL scenarios learn it.