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  1. ciscocore7500

    CNAC >> Help

    Dear All, I am trying to implement NAC in my network, I have CAM(3315) & CAS(3315) i have completed licensing on CAM as i can see (CAM Lite), under licensing tab. I have gone through the initial configuration of CAM & CAS. Config << CAM(Eth0<trusted>= & CAS(Eth0<trusted>= & Eth1<untrusted>=, pre-shared key : cisco & connected via cross cable, Now i tried to ping CAS(.16) from CAM(.15) it fails...(dont know) but not able to have connectivity between them Is it necessary to have CAM on different subnet? as i want to use NAC in L2(L2 transparent mode),further I took a webconsole of CAM & I tried to add CAS to CAM,but it fails & gives error like "Reached maximum limits for server"... strange As this NEW device , Also i have reinstalled License at least 3-4 times...but no result.. . I have gone through the pdf's but there is no guideline how to configure from basic(like how to connect....which interface should be connected to where eg which interface should be trusted/untrusted.) Kindly share your comments /design/documents for the same from basic.
  2. ciscocore7500

    Passed MPLS 642-611

    Today i passed MPLS exam
  3. ciscocore7500


    Hi, Congrates, *** MODERATED *** We do not tolerate any discussions regarding braindump materials!
  4. ciscocore7500

    Checkpoint CCSA preparation

    HI , me 2 want to prepare for the CCSA, but confused from where to study....plz help if u have pdf for CCSA...i have study material but dont undersatnd from where to start.....:-(