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  1. [offer] vmware training

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  2. Free Lab Access

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  3. Free Resources

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  4. Free Cisco Catalyst Switch Lab

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  5. Free Instant Network Diagram and Automated Documentation

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  6. Hi guys, I'm building a home Vmware/GNS3 lab. I'm considering the CCNP voice track. I read that CIPT2 includes multi-site distributed call processing. I managed to install a publisher on vmware. Do you think I need a CUCM cluster, or will a publisher be enough? Do I need more than one cluster per site? or is it enough to have CUCM server on HQ and one CUCME per branch? Wass
  7. carrer opinion

    Hi guys, I got an offer from an IT services company who is Microsoft Gold Partner and Cisco Learning Associate. My job role is to be mainly a Cisco engineer, along with other technologies (e.g Riverbed) and working on missions in Europe and Africa (outsourcing). Frankly, I want to push my career towards Cisco/Juniper certs because that's where I feel most excited. So I thought I had to go to a Cisco business partner, So that I can benefit from day-to-day experience on networking projects. What do you think?