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  1. nonee17

    Have someone update exam 70-662 ?

    I failed this exam last week !! so i wish you best of luck
  2. nonee17

    Sending resume everywhere

    Hello everyone, I want to tell you all that i didnt giveup and finally found a job of my liking in SaudiArabia (riyadh)... Everything has been said but i still think that you will get a job anywhere in the world from any country provided that you have believe in urself and trust Almighty God and NEVER GIVEUP...!!! Thanks All, NS
  3. nonee17

    what is a good salary job in Saudi Arabia?

    Is it safe to travel to Saudi Arabia on Visit Visa when the employer says that they dont have working visa and will let it renew afterwards... Regards NS
  4. nonee17

    what is a good salary job in Saudi Arabia?

    Thanks Krisi for the reply... Actually i am satisfied with the company as i have confirmed the crediblity etc...they are not providing me accommodation but they are giving me family status (medical + tickets), what do you mean by 1-2BHK ? Will i be able to find 2-3 bedroom flat in 18-20k...? the mode of transportation has to be a car but how to get one... Regards NS
  5. nonee17

    what is a good salary job in Saudi Arabia?

    Thanks kherona for ur reply, you are in al-khobar which i read is a little more expensive than riyadh, i ll be going to riyadh based company! one important thing i want to ask is about probationary period, it has to be for 1month but i m gettin 3months probationary period.. Regards NS
  6. nonee17

    what is a good salary job in Saudi Arabia?

    I am from Pakistan/Karachi, i have 3years of experiance... Regards NS
  7. Hello All, i wanted to ask what is a good salary to start with in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) ?? will i be able to survive and save along with my wife in 8000R ??? i would be obliged to get a reply.. Regards NS
  8. Hello All, i am all prepared for Cvoice, gone through the videos, knowledgeNet, Cvoice Student Guide, reference guide..i am unable to read anythin related to CUBE configuration and when i opened up Actual tests, p4s i can see whole lot os questions related to CUBE configurations... its not included in the Cvoice curriculum and if it why is it not available anywhere in the books... im shocked...! anyone... ? Regards NS
  9. nonee17

    error in p4s..

    i got the solution...you need to change your system year and it will work fine.. Regards NS
  10. Hello All, i am getting this error on cvoice p4s that my 90days validity has expired and it requires me to enter the authentication code... does any one know how to cater this problem ?? Regards NS
  11. nonee17

    CCVP 642-436 Exam

    i have not seen p4s as yet..but as far as my concepts goes for MGCP D is the correct answer, we know that gateway running MGCP are like zombies widout a brain (as quoted by jimmy ciora) they ask for everything that is call setup/dialtone/dropping/completion etc from their master that is call agent ... Regards NS
  12. nonee17

    How to prepare for CCVP-TUC ?

    thanks for the replies, i unable to find anything except for Quick Refrence guide, is it enuff for the exam ? i dont know what AT stands for and whre m i going to get it... regards NS
  13. nonee17

    How to prepare for CCVP-TUC ?

    if u can provide !!??? Regards NS
  14. Hello All, I have found various sites/forums but i am unable to find anything regarding CCVP-TUC exam...does anyone know how to go about the preparation ?? i dont want p4s solution, p4s is the last night solution..i wanna know how to get the real knowledge etc... waiting for your replies... Regards NS
  15. Hello guys, I am pursuing my CCVP track, i have very little experiance working in voice i.e. Nortel...my job responsiblities now are not related to voice, i want to know if i can build my concepts and complete my CCVP regardless of taking hands-on voice routers etc. is there any chance that i can get a job entirely on concepts and not on taking hands-on...?? I hope you understood my question... Regards NS