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    ACL Question

    Hi All... please help me to define the ACL for VLAN 128 in distribution switch 1. I have to configure in a way that : A PC in VLAN 128 in distribution 1 (Network can comunicate with other PCs in the same VLAN A PC in VLAN 128 in distribution 1 (Network can comunicate with other PCs in VLAN 128 under distribution 2 (Network A PC in VLAN 128 in distribution 1 (Network is not allowed to go to other subnets in the private network A PC in VLAN 128 in distribution 1 (Network can go to Internet Of course i want to block the traffic on distribution 1 ( near to the source). Attacched an example of the network. Below my idea of the configuration: DS-1(config)#ip access-list extended Vlan_128 permit ip deny ip permit ip any any exit interface vlan 128 ip access-group Vlan_128 in Any feedback are appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Dear all, i have to configure on Cisco Call Manager 8.5 CSS and Partition to meet the following requirement: "All telephones shall have access to the internal telephony networks. The Telephone Subsystem shall be able to restrict external dialling in any combination of the following: 1. No external dialling. 2. Calls to local numbers. 3. Calls to national numbers. 4. Calls to mobile numbers. 5. Calls to international numbers." My idea is to use the following Partitions and CSS: Partition ---------- PS-Internal PS-Local PS-National PS-Mobile PS-International CSS ---- CSS-Internal = (PS-Internal) CSS -Local = (PS-Internal + PS-Local ) CSS -National = (PS-Internal +PS-Local+ PS-National) CSS-National-Mobile= (PS-Internal +PS-Local+ PS-National + PS-Mobile) CSS -International =( PS-Internal +PS-Local+ PS-National+ PS-International) CSS –International-Mobile =( PS-Internal +PS-Local+ PS-National+ PS-International + PS-Mobile) Please can someone give me a feedback if it is ok? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Regards
  3. I have added one CUCM TFTP Server, but i have received an authentication failure message on the phone. I have read that there can be problem on CTL... there are some usefull guide explaining the process of adding TFTP Server
  4. concico

    QoS: IP Camera (not Cisco)

    If i have an IP Camera ( not cisco) according to the link: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/solutions/Enterprise/Video/Medianet_Ref_Gd/chap7.html#wp1216160 Te best configuration an the Access Switch should be: ------------------------------------------- ! interface GigabitEthernet1/0/40 switchport access vlan 302 switchport mode access switchport block unicast switchport port-security srr-queue bandwidth share 1 30 35 5 queue-set 2 priority-queue out mls qos cos 5 override spanning-tree portfast spanning-tree bpduguard enable ! Am i right? Regards
  5. concico

    SLB (Server Load Balancing) for failover

    Thank you for your help... i had some problem on the loopback interface... i have solved without probe. Regards
  6. concico

    SLB (Server Load Balancing) for failover

    Thank you for your help but the configuration doesn't work. --------------------- Configuration: ip slb serverfarm BACKUPSF real inservice ! ip slb serverfarm NORMALSF real inservice ! ip slb vserver PUBLIC_HTTP virtual tcp www serverfarm NORMALSF backup BACKUPSF inservice ! -------------------------- SHOW COMMANDS DS-CFS-VSS#show ip slb vservers slb vserver prot virtual state conns interface(s) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUBLIC_HTTP TCP OPERATIONAL 0 <any> ----------------------------------------------------------- DS-CFS-VSS#show ip slb reals real farm name weight state conns ------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKUPSF 8 OPERATIONAL 0 NORMALSF 8 OPERATIONAL 0 ------------------------------------------ DS-CFS-VSS#show ip slb connections vserver prot client real state nat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUBLIC_HTTP TCP SYNCLIENT none DS-CFS-VSS#show ip slb connections vserver prot client real state nat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUBLIC_HTTP TCP CLOSING none DS-CFS-VSS#show ip slb connections --------------------------------------------- If using a PC with IP as URL i put the IP address of the real server (, i see the WEB content otherwise if i put the IP address of the virtual server ( I can't open it. Anycase i'm able to ping the virtual IP_address but the ICMP ping does't go to the real server ( i have seen the traffic with wireshark) therefore i think is the Switch itself (where i have confired SLB) to answer. The same happen using HTTP, i don't see any traffic to the real server.. Please can you help me to solve this issue?? Regards
  7. concico

    SLB (Server Load Balancing) for failover

    Please can you post an example of the configuration to make it work? Regards
  8. You are true but i must provide 5 CUCM ( 1 Pub, 2 Sub, 2 TFTPs). Therefore if on 2 CUCM i activate only the TFTP service, and i configure the phone on the Publisher, how can i download the .cfg file to the two CUCM TFTP Servers? There is an automatic way? Thank you for your help. Regards
  9. concico

    SLB (Server Load Balancing) for failover

    Consider that both serverfarms are configured on the same device ( two 6509 in VSS). Therefore i don't use HSRP, is possible to do it? Regards
  10. Becouse our employer want two (for redundancy) dedicate TFTP servers instead of using CUCM itself to download the phone configurations. According to "Cisco Sizing Tool", having 2000 Users you should have 1 Publisher, 2 Subscriber and 2 TFTP Servers. Which is the best way to configure CUCM and TFTP to interoperate? Please can you provide the Cisco Best Practies on having external TFTP Servers (becouse i didn't find nothing) or can you advice which is the more pratical way on doing it? There is no way to configure cisco CUCM to automatically download on these two external servers the configuration when i click "Apply config" on the CUCM server? Regards
  11. Hi all, i want to configure my phones to retrieve their configurations from an external TFTP Server ( Not Call Manager itself). I have configured option 150 on the dhcp and the phones receive their ip address correctly and try to contact the TFTP server, but they cannot find their configuration. Which are the necessary steps to download the phones configurations to the TFTP servers? Regards,
  12. concico

    SLB (Server Load Balancing) for failover

    Thank you for your answer. But i'm not able to configure slb for failover (have one server as backup). My concern is not load balancing but to have all the connection always toward one real server, and only when this bacome inactive, to use the other real server. How can i configure slb in such way?? Regards
  13. Hi all, if i have two server ( SERVER_1 with IP1 and SERVER_2 with IP2) listening on TCP port XXX, considering IP3 the virtual IP address, is possible to configure SLB in a way that all client request to IP3 will be always forwarded to IP1? If IP1 is not reachable or SERVER_1 is not listening on port XXX, the request have to go to IP2. When Server_1 is alive again ( listening on port XXX) all the client request have to be forwarded to IP1. Thank you Regards.
  14. Hi all, in "Cisco Wireless Control System Configuration Guide - Software Release 7.0 (June 2010)" is written "Controllers keep counters for the number of bytes transferred and received for each client. WCS reads the number every 15 minutes and then calculates the difference, comparing the prior polling" I need to know if is possible to generate statistics concerning data traffic carried by the access point Thank you Regards
  15. concico

    Call Manager 8.5 and FAX

    Which are benefits on using Cisco FAX server?