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  1. Big Evil

    Try again

    Best of luck Mark - changes are being announced Cisco Live 2013, June 23-27 from what i am told. Normal rumors of what will change - then we see the panic! BE.
  2. Big Evil

    CCIE Number

    http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/24325 HTH.
  3. Big Evil

    Cisco Blue badge vs Red badge jobs/positions?

    Hi Sapan - i am currently a red badge at Cisco in the UK. You are correct in your initial comments - but that is a given when comparing any permanent role to a contract role. Cisco signs contractors in quarters -you maybe told that this is a six month deal, however your project/role is reviewed at the three month marker and Cisco still needs to ensure the SOW (statement of work) & PO (position offer) is up to date. Projects are outlined and the duration of the project is specified by the managers, Cisco is very precise when it comes to the SOW. If you do well you maybe asked to take part in other projects and be asked to stay longer - if this is within the budget of course. When it comes to being in the Cisco office/campus the difference between red and blue badges is very clear. You will not be able to take part in team outings that Cisco is paying for, although managers will say you can come - But you have to either take the time as unpaid or make the time up and Cisco will not pay for you. Also you do not have access to training courses and most of the Cisco intranet is locked down from contractor access ie - your Cisco ID is restricted. You will get chance to attend the "All Hands" which most offices have - this is where one of the managers, directors or even SVP/VP's is talking about the future and what they have planned. You get a Q&A after also, which is a great time to ask questions you may have. For example this week we had Chris Young in our office - and i was able to ask him a few questions (he is a really great guy). A lot of red badges become blue badges, it is a great way into the big red machine. HTH.
  4. Big Evil

    A big change happening in my life

    Congrats Lethe - i wish you, your good lady and soon to be all the best. BTW - no one is a good parent naturally. ;-)
  5. Big Evil

    Wheres Darby?

    Good to see you back here DW. Sorry to hear of your father health - my father is going through the same thing almost. I am sure there is plenty of work for you - you just have to choose who/which is best for you. We need a senior network engineer if you fancy the very expensive UK? LOL BE.
  6. Big Evil

    Darby Weaver - Back on the scene...

    Yay - do you have time to start your blog again DW?
  7. Big Evil

    Crashed and burned

    Hard cheese ole boy - i was really routing for you (you see what i did there? LOL). Now you know what you have ahead of you.
  8. Big Evil

    Going to Thailand

    @ Ali07g - look out for Scott Morris and Narbik in the UK doing CCIE bootcamps.
  9. Big Evil

    Wheres Darby?

    Back to topic - I had an email back from DW. He is ok - just really busy right now.
  10. Big Evil

    Wheres Darby?

    I like them with beer.
  11. Big Evil

    Wheres Darby?

    Yeah maybe he was something to do with Mission Impossible? Damm - that is expensive. Pringles went weird a few years back and smaller too!
  12. Big Evil

    Wheres Darby?

  13. Big Evil

    Wheres Darby?

    I emailed him a few day back to wish him a happy new year - as of yet no reply. I saw he is active on Linkedin.
  14. Big Evil

    Going to Thailand

    Yum kebab!
  15. Big Evil

    Going to Thailand

    It was like this when we first moved to London Mark - living in the sticks most of my life, then renting a studio overlooking the lower end (Marble Arch) of Edgware Rd. The noise of the people and the constant humming of the traffic - kept us both up. Glad to hear you course is going well - you have missed a very mild Christmas in Blighty, and as the norm there has been nothing on the TV.