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Hey Zalas,


I've read it in a few places online where people have implemented the design on that website. I guess it works and you'll be able to get hands-on on the CORE stuff.

However, as the guy put on the site, you'll need an EXTREMELY powerful computer with loads of RAM, probably multi-CPU (duo, quad) and you'll need to have LOTS of PATIENCE ;);)


I'm slowly trying to build a lab with the same model, however, I'm trying to implement it with multiple PCs, and also with some real routers.

Each time I sit-down to think about it, my mind just BLOWS :lol::D:lol::D:lol::D


I'll definitely share the layout/design with everyone on Sadikhov once I'm able to achieve this........hopefully sooner rather than later!!!








i went to that website, looked at the whole thing, for a beginner like me, that thing is complicated, Have you worked on it???

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thanks for the info, i'l try and slowly get my head around that thing. its hard though

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Hi Noodles,


YES!!!! You can use Softphone, but NOT just any Softphone.

I've been able to successfully connect IP Blue SoftPhone to my CME running on a Cisco 3725 Router.

I've also been able to connect the IP Blue phone to my CallManager 4.x, so I guess it will work with your 3800 as long as your router can run Telephony Services or Call Manager Express.

The IP Blue VTGO emulates a Cisco 79xx phone.


You can get it from this link: hxxp://www.ipblue.com/download.asp?software=vtgo_adv


The only downside it that it's requires a license to run FULLY.

Without the License, you can only have a 2 minute conversation with it and it will only run for about 20 minutes; after which it shuts down.....so I guess you'll have to restart it quite often :D:)

Since I'm only using it in a Lab environment, that's not a problem for me.


Below are the features supported by the IP Blue VTGO copied from their website.

I've highlighted the key features I think you'll need for your home-lab while preparing for CCVP.


* Emulates Cisco 79xx line of IP phones with dual 14 button expansion modules

* Tested and certified with CallManagers 3.2-4.1, CallManager Express

* Supports Cisco Survival Remote Site Telephony, redundant CallManagers, DHCP option 150

* High quality-low latency using multiple codecs (G.711, GSM 6.10, G.729), QoS support

* Accessibility features for visually impaired users include text to speech and keyboard shortcuts

* Supports Extension Mobility

* XML telephony services

* Configuration Wizard with user-definable profiles

* Supports a wide range of external USB audio devices

* STUN/UPnP NAT traversal, SKINNY fix-up protocol friendly

* Call log with Callback

* Call recording, storage and playback with email attachment

* Integration with LDAP directories, MS Outlook, Windows Address Book, Instant Messengers (Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL)

* Language Localization (English, Dutch, Danish)

* Dialing from MS Outlook, Web pages and much more


Hope that helps.







hello people!

here is question: can i use softphone instead of real ip phones or analog phones to prepare for exam? i mean, can i connect computer running softphone to the 3800 series router and get some effect?



Hi Friend


I m Looking for Bcmsn and i m practising on GNS3 ,but for L3 switching i need cisco 3725 IOS (this is the only L3 switch GNS3 support )

i tried for every where but all waste could u provide me any link or somthing else for this IOS


Thanks in advance



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