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Blackberry Bold 9000

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Hi just thought to share my experience of Blackberry Bold 9000. It is awesome with email, phone, Instant Messenger and the Internet. It is an integrated organiser that will help you stay on top of your game whilst camera and video recording capabilities. It means you can capture and share the moment in just a few clicks. it’s just the beginning guys. It has some more facilities and features:




Multiple email accounts: Like AOL® Mail, Windows Live™ Hotmail, Google Mail™ or Yahoo!® Mail


Push Delievery Technology


Attachment Viewing


Voice Notes


Text, sms, mms messages


Fast and accurating typing


It has a very fast performance. You can take the advantage of the speeds available on the HSDPA network and the BlackBerry Bold smartphone's 624-MHz processor. Multitask and prioritise with access to your voice and data services at the same time. It also has Multimedia, Gps and Blackberry Maps,Wi-Fi,File Editing,Mobile streaming,Brilliant Display,Power,Bluetooth,Data Input Navigation. It has a battery life of 13.5 days (324 hours). I am really satisfied with the features and facilities of this Blackberry model and I would like to sugest you this great device.




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Tell you some stuffs,

For Blackberry, it cannot support Microsoft Exchange, and it needs some

special installation for the Exchange server before it used

In my living place

Blackberry is almost phased out, no one like to use it!

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i have some cooperate experience with the bold 9000, defenately multiple times better than his little brother, the 8820.

But for private use i don't see the point, or you do have installed an Exchange server including BES, but i think you didn't.

Every nowadays smartphone can receive pushmail, so that is not kind of special anymore.


The only advantage i could discover to my own HTC HD2 is that the bold 9000 has a full querty-keyboard installed.

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