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Question about Reassociation Request

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I reading this book "802.11 Wireless networks definitive guide, O'Reilly". I have one question about Reassociation Request

. This is an excerpt from this book:


Mobile stations moving between basic service areas within the same extended service area need to reassociate with the network before using the distribution system again. Stations may also need to reassociate if they leave the coverage area of an access point temporarily and rejoin it later. Association and Reassociation Requests differ only in that a Reassociation Request includes the address of the mobile station's current access point. Including this information allows the new access point to contact the old access point and transfer the association data.


If I'm using two AP of different manufacturers, working in repeater mode, with same SSID. When I go to other area of AP, how this process will be successful or not successful? Or that's is not such a big problem. I know that recommend to use same AP models.

Thank you.

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As long as all the equipment is 802.11 capable you should be fine. Not however that the use of repeaters kills your RF bandwidth considerably as every packet received by the repeater has to then be transmitted to the AP, not optimal at all.

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