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~passed~ 70-669

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Consolidated Passed 70-669 Topic

(TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization)




Moderator's Note:


Following details are recommended to post:

1. Material used (no reference to dumps), examples include: Books from Cisco Press or Sybex, Videos, Classes you attended, Instructors or Mentors, etc.

2. Learning Plan (your own story)

3. Suggestions for members

Additionally, you may add following details to your post:

1. That you've passed (successfully or unsuccessfully)

2. Your score (example may look like this: 700/1000)

3. The time you had been given for the exam (not the time you personally took to pass it!)

4. Number of questions

5. Types of questions (sims, hot spots, drag & drops, multiple choice, single choice)

6. Your personal exam experience


Your posts must not include:

1. Any references to dumping material of any origin

2. Requests and offers of any kind

3. Unnecessary comments like: "Thanks", "Congrats", and similar

4. live links

5. Quotes of other members. (We want your own story.)



1. Violations will be given warnings.

2. Three strikes and you will not be allowed to post here for 30-days.


Chances are you worked hard and studied for months for your certification. Let's give everyone else the opportunity to earn their own integrity and dignity just like we did.


Thank you for your co-operation.

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This topic seems pretty quiet so I will be the first person to post in it :)


This morning I passed this exam as the first step toward the MCITP Virtualization Administrator certification. Main reason why I booked and sit the exam is that I need to teach a few courses (for my old company and while on holiday lol) on this track and for that I need to be certified.


The preparation took me around 2 weeks as I already have experience with VDI solutions with Citrix and VMware. All in all I have to admit while preparing for the exams I've learned a few things about App-V and Med-v which are the core topics of the exam, I am far from being impressed by the technology as Microsot is still too bound to the "Virtual PC toy" but yet have to admit it could be a viable VDI solution for small deployment or to reduce costs (aka not buying Citrix stuff even if better :P).


Being an MCT I could download the official MOC and prepare the exam using the trainer handbook, I was surprised (in a pleasant way) to notice that the MOC quality has been enhanced. This is nice as if someone has taught/attended the first release of Windows 2008 courses will remember the quality was the lowest ever...


In addition to the MOC I've read a bit about the technology on Microsoft website and of course played with App-V, Med-V and RDS on my lab which is basically a Desktop system converted to Hyper V server ;)


Exam was too easy in my eyes, nothing out of the official syllabus (so in doubt follow that) and nothing that could not be answered using brain salt.


With this exam out of the way I'm moving to Hyper-V R2 Server Virtualization may 09 which was the first usable date the testing center.


If you have any question just ask :)


Cheers Lethe.

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Hi Steve, actually no book as I wrote I used the official MOC (which is the "book" you get when you attend the official course, being a Trainer I can download these mocs for all courses) and documentaion which is freely available on the net.


Cheers Lethe.

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Congrats Lethe and thank you very much for your input here. I will take this exam quite soon and so I appreciate your advices (as usual ;) ) Keep you posted.


Thumbs up,


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Easy exam i can say .


total questions 44 i got ,


Used MS reading books some cbt ...


There were some many questions about ~10-15 that was so similar that can be mistakable ... need to read all the question and read carefully and thing logically .


BTW i hate that MS did this .... many questions are like same answers or same abcd questions ..... asking about how to fix or do )


~10 of the questions were so easy that i can cry :) for example : what port uses rdp connection ? ) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



In total : easy exam but are very tricky ... 3 questions were very hard to me i can say .. :( like i need to do in the registry ... question about some config there ... )





Good luck .

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