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How CCIE RS Lab Exam Is Graded?

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I have a little question, I know that the lab exam consist of two parts, the troubleshooting and the lab-config exam.

Does the grade for each part is independent from the other part?

And how many tickets in the troubleshooting I need to solve to pass the troubleshooting part?


Another question, does the lab in brussels takes place in fixed days every week? if yes, can someone tell me what days?



Thanks a lot!


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1. The lab is said to be graded in two parts. Fail one section = fail the whole lab. I think 80% is required for all. Since no one can be sure how many questions you are going to receive, it's probably safe to say no one can tell you for sure what you will see. Answer more that 3 correct for every 1 you miss and you might make it but I wouldn't be shooting for the minimum.


2. I'd think Brussels in M-F, but I'd check the site above some sites have offered weekend dates in the past.


3. It looks like about 1200-1400 people have passed the lab in about a year or so. This is roughly about 1/2 if we consider attrition of the previous years (5-10 years of stats). Example a CCIE I know of passed the CCIE lab with a low 3xxx number in 1998. It's 12 years later and the numbers are up over 27,000 or so. So about 24,000 CCIE's in 12 years. The last 12 months are a little light on CCIE's. I'm not counting from January to December - only the previous 12 months.


4. Don't let the odds worry you - others have passed and continue to pass every day - about 100 per month globally. So about 25 per week or about 5 per day from about 10+ testing centers with about 6-15 candidates each. So about 5% are passing by my estimates - but Cisco will tell us "3%"... Many of these who pass will have spent multiple attempts to pass whichever lab they are taking. Some pass the first attempt. But that is far from the norm.


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