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CWNA how to

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I'm planning to take the CWNA certification exam early next year. In order to accomplish that, I've just passed the CCNA certification exam and I also bought the Sybex CWNA Study book. After all that I've read on the internet about CWNA and CCNA Wireless, I'm still not 100% sure of the ideal path in order to get both certifications. This is how I thought it would be a good way:

1. study the CWNA book

2. go to a few CCNA Wireless labs in order to get a little hands-on experience AND of course, study the CCNA Wireless course

3. take the CCNA Wireless exam

4. take the CWNA exam


I'm more of a technical guy, that's why I've chosen to start with CWNA. It's easier for me to learn and understand Wireless technologies if I know things about how data is transmitted.


Is this a good way of getting the best of both worlds? What would you recommend?




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The CWNA can be passed without any hands on experience with 802.11; however the CCNA/w requires an ability to work with Cisco wireless gear. In short I agree with going for the CWNA first as it will give you a good basic understanding of 802.11 and if you familiar with Cisco gear your good to go.


Good luck!!!

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