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Virtual Lab using GNS3 and VirtualBox

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I've written this tutorial to show how virtual hosts can be added to GNS3 using VirtualBox, creating a nicely working server-client network. Although I'm posting this in the Cisco forums, it helped me a lot while I was studying for my RHCE as well, to check if the firewalls were working fine, how the network shares are doing, etc. Sadikhov has helped me a lot, and the fact that I registered only now shows that most of my doubts were cleared with a litte searching over here. This is a small token of gratitude.


The tutorial is in PDF. You can see it on scribd, over here:



Or directly download it here:



It's my first tutorial, so if there's any doubts, or any part is difficult to understand, please do tell me.

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Nice tut, I have been looking for something like this for a while now, and like you, I had to muddle through a lot of suffs to know the little I do. There are lots of tuts on vmware and gns3 and hardly any on vbox and gns3, in fact this is the first I have come across in my quest . It so happens that I also prefer Vbox to the other, go figure.

Unfortunately for me, the other bottleneck i'm having is the continual use of Linux on these tuts including yours - I know, gns3 operates better on linux, processor wise - and I guess the theory is not so different, but men would it have made a lot of things easier for me if Tuts like this and that on blindhog.net were based on windows platform.

Now enough about that and on to my main issue, The problem I'm having is that whenever I create a network topology using GNS3 and Vbox (or even Vmware workstation for that matter), using loopback adapter or any other NIC on the host, I initially get connectivity between my guests and the router, I can even assign IP addresses through DHCP configured on the router to the guest VMs, and everything goes on fine and well until i end the Lab. After saving my work - and yes I selected the 2 check boxes at the begining of the lab -and then reloading the Lab, I dont get connectivity anymore, ping, trace, nothing works. Even when I build a new Lab aftewards connectivity just isn't there anymore, I've had to format my system twice cos of this problem, but each time, after the initial connectivity, close lab, then poof no more connectivity. Also tried it on VMware Workstation, same results. One funny thing of note is that, the VMs keep receiving IP configs from the router, but cant ping the router's interface - and yes default gateway is correctly configured, like I said everything works well initially - I am begining to suspect that this might be a bug on GNS3 .7

Sorry about my ramblings, hope you have some insights on this.


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