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How to connect the database from client machine

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Hi all,

I've installed SQL Server 2008 Std Edition on Windows Server 2008.

Client Machines using Win 7 Business Edition.


Developers have to connect and work on database which is present in the server machine.

I've two group of users. one group have Administrator previledge, others don't have admin previledge.

Problem is both group users were not able to access the database.

how do i connect my users from client machine to the server machines' sql database.



If any tutorials (with screenshots) available give me.

Refer the image.




Sorry for poor communication.

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Hi Arun,


Please check whether you have created a Incoming Rule in the firewall to allow Port 1433 after which you must be able to connect.

Let me know if you have issues after that also.



Syed Abbas

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