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MPLS Lab Router recommendations needed

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Hey guys,


Ok, now that my head has stopped spinning for a bit, I can now think of a semi sensible question...


I have a fairly good lab at home, full of 1760's,26xx/XM's, 3550's, Phones, AP's, Servers etc

I have just spent several days going nuts trying to find a way to lab up a VLAN based EoMPLS.

Stupidly, I assumed that as MPLS is in the IOS, and works fine in MPLS VPN, that the hardware was up to the task too, I can hear the old phrase now...ass of me etc.


OK, I have heard that the 3640 can run MPLS in all flavours, but cannot find a single shred of evidence that would lead me to believe that it can do EoMPLS. All I have seen so far on my web travels that seems to fully support AToM is the 6500 and the 7200. Can anyone confirm that the 3640 can do AToM and if it can't, am I only left with the 6500 or the 7200 to choose from?

Any recommendations for affordable hardware rather than GNS3?


Thanks on advance...




Where's Chris when ya need him? :rolleyes:

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as ever feature navigator is your friend. http://www.cisco.com/go/fn or http://tools.cisco.com/ITDIT/CFN/jsp/technolgySelect.jsp# I had a quick look myself and L2VPN Vlan internetworking was added in 12.4T (I haven't checked relnotes) so 28xx should or 18xx should do the job.


Yes, that's what I thought too when I looked. I have some 2811's available to me in another lab to try this with, and will do tomorrow, although I don't think they will actually allow one of the commands that I am wanting to use. Specifically the one with the asterisk. The only option I have availlable here is L2TPv3 I think, but I will find out tomorrow. All of the routers I have in my own lab are running either Advanced Enterprise or SP Services images and MPLS is available in both, hence my thinking that it's not an IOS issue but rather a hardware limitation.

I have set up and run GNS3/ Dynamips with 7200's used for the PE routers and the commands work, but I was hoping that there was a cheaper alternative, perhaps the 3640 that could do this even if it's not officially supported. I don't like using emulators as a rule and prefer real equipment, it's a lot less limiting/ restrictive if you know what I mean :)


int fa0/0.100

encap dot1q

mpls ip

no ip directed-broadcast

no cdp enable

xconnect 100 encap mpls *

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Hang on to your 2600xm's and use this image c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.123-19.bin

Router#(config-if)#mpls ?

accounting Enable MPLS accounting on this interface

ip Configure dynamic MPLS forwarding for IP

label Label properties

ldp Configure Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) parameters

mtu Set tag switching Maximum Transmission Unit

netflow Configure Egress Netflow Accounting

traffic-eng Configure Traffic Engineering parameters



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As I suspected, the 2811's don't support the xconnect 100 encap mpls command on an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet SubInterface. The only option available is L2TPv3.


So back to the drawing board...can anyone confirm one way or other about the 3640? Surely somebody here has one in a lab to test this, does it support that command when used with either an Advanced Enterprise image or an SPService image?

I don't really want to buy one just to find out...I can see me having to spring for 7200's for the lab :(


thanks in advance for any help you guys can and have given me :)

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