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Citrix Web Interface with natted IP

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Dear All,


I would appreciate some help with the following please:



I have a server with an ip address of connected to a firewall on DMZ inside.


The server IP is also natted from to another dmz as

I natted this server over a public IP lets say


All are able to access through citrix program neighbour hood from a normal client ot the ip and i assign in their client that it is an alternate ip address and it works fine.


But now if i put in the address browser the following to be able to access from internet:


then i get the login for username and pass and the domain of citrix and when i log in, i can see the published application


but whenever i try to open the application i am receiving the following error:


There is not citrix presentation server configured on the specified address.



The citrix presentation server is (4.0 Metaframe server)



i tried to configure lots of stuff like the nat Translation for the website and nat from internet to external but with no use.


Appreciate your help.



Thank You

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Now I do remember this one, if memory serves it has to do with the alternate Ip address on the PS server register an alternate public IP address on your citrix server using the altaddr cmd line utility and configure WI to use the alternate address


Another link i've found reads as follows :



Solution 2.Alternate Addressing Is not Configured on the MetaFrame Server

Alternatively, if the MetaFrame server is not configured with an alternate address,

you can configure the Web Interface to include the appropriate address in the .ica

files by defining address translation mappings, as follows:


1. Display the Server-side firewall settings page.

2. Select Translated address in Default address translation setting.

3. Under Specific address translation settings, enter 192.168. in the Client

address prefix field.

4. Select Normal address.

5. Click the Add button. 192.168 = Normal is displayed in the Setting map list.

This means that for clients connecting on the 192.168 subnet, an internal

address is returned.

6. Under MetaFrame server address translation map, enter

in the Server address field.

7. In the Translated address field, enter 90.xx.xx.xx:1494.

8. Click Add. In the Translation map list, = 90.xx.xx.xx:1494

is displayed. This means that for clients connecting on the 123.23 subnet, the

Web Interface uses the translated address specified.

9. Click Save to save the changes.

10. Click Apply Changes in the Apply changes page.



Let me know if any of the above do help and in case we will try something else.


Cheers Lethe.

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Dear Lethe,



Thanks for your reply,



Actually from the altaddr command i did the following



altaddr /set (this would be the physical IP is and i natted it on a dmz on the firewall as (

now i did another nat on my firewall for to but in the altaddr it will not permit you to set another address.


regarding the solution 2 i've read it also, but i did not know from where as it is not clear to me. Where do i Display the Server-side firewall settings page ?? from where? i did right click on the published web, but it has something related to DMZ setting and stuff, appreciate your help.



Thank You

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