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Dr. Evil

Cisco Pix/IPv6/multiple segments

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Has anyone setup a Cisco Pix (525,535) to handle IPv6 with multiple segments.


In my test lab, I have configured a Pix to run IPv4. Seems to work pretty good. Now I want to implement IPv6. The problem

that I am having is I can't seem to pass IPv6 traffic through the Pix. From the Pix, I can ping all devices on ether side of

the Pix,but, I can not ping /pass data from 1 side to the other. I have a static route to go out to the internet which seems

to work, but that's all I have for routes. Routing protocols are setup on the router before and after the Pix. Both routers

know of each others nets so, routing protocols are working.


I understand the Pix is no a router, so static routes need to be setup. So. That being said, are the routes similar to IPv4.


ipv6 route 2000:xxx:xxx::x (interface) or next hop??


and would I need to create a route for each subnet manually (15 subs)




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