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ITIL v3 Foundation career

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Hi All,

A cousin of mine has been working as a tax revenue officer for about 4 years now with all their infrastructure IT based.However,he is looking to get into service management aspect... I have been discussing with people and have been told about ITIL. Is this quite a lucrative industry to dive into? Also does anyone know if this certification on its own with his previous experience can land him a job - i.e. can he only get a job in his related field(financial) or in a completely different discipline (e.g. telecomms? - obviously if it something they required).



Your help will be very much appreciated.




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If he knows ITIL the way he is supposed to, it is going to be a very promising career path.. Every other IT company wants to be ITIL Compliant or use the framework to derive better efficiencies.. So, ask your cousin to go for it..


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