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Practice/Test SharePoint Server

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I was wondering if anyone had a test SharePoint 2010 Server I could access to practice some config / admin work. I'm preparing for the 70-667 exam. Plenty of hands on experience with Sever 2007, but haven't worked with 2010 yet. Seems like Microsoft should provide something like this for training. Maybe they do?

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Well i'm preparing for the same test and for the hands on part it's pretty easy all you need is a pc and some VMware/Hyper-V/KVM/whatever virtual machines and start practicing.


I'm an MCT and while I have access to all the pre-configured virtual machines I always end up installing and configuring my own labs and keep working on them, while I do have an MSDN and a Technet account you can easily find trials of all the products https://mocl.one.microsoft.com/cwdl/CWDL_Home.asp that give you more than enough time to prepare for the exams.


So in the end I would say Microsoft, and everybody on the board can tell you how much I don't like them, provides you "...provide something like this for training..." :)


If you need any further help just let us know.


Cheers Lethe.


P.S. Almost forgot, there are virtual labs as well in case you don't want to deal with virtual machines on your own lab http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/virtuallabs/bb467605

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