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CMOS battery low Error

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When i switch on my laptop

i see this message i can't enter


AMI BIOS© 2005 American Megatrends, Inc.

BIOS Date:07/02/07 Ver:205 HCL Infosystems Limited

CPU: Genuine Intel ® CPU T2080 @1.73GHZ



Press F2 to run


initializing USB controllers . . Done.

896MB OK + 128MB Shared Memory


Auto-Dedetcing Pri Slave... ATAPI CD ROM

Auto-detecing 3RD Master IDE hard dissk

pRI SLAVE : oPTICAR DVD rw AD-5540A 2.62

ultra DMA Mode-6 , S.M.A.R... cAPABLE AND sTATUS ok

auto6detecting usb mASS sTORAE devicse . .

00 USB mass storage devices found and configured.



Press F2 to resume


If i press F2

its asking password

i didn't set any password


how can i solve the problem ?

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Hi .



Its almost a 100 % that its a battery problem ( battery low power ) :)


When BIOS is showing massages its real :)) and need to do that he said :)


When you replaced the battery for the last time ... ( 3-5 years )


Replace to a new one





Good luck .

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Thanks ,


after that i try to on the laptop with out battery its not working and power indicator not glow

after that we realize


" because of some problem battery didn't get charged

so its display


Press F2 to resume'


anyone know at which part is having the problem (laptop not getting power supply )

if i can give to service center how much cost it will take for the service


please give some good ideas

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