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Migrating oracle 9i to 11g in AIX 6.1 OS

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Hi all,


In my office we have a plane to upgrade the oracle 9i to 11 g version in aix 6.1.

can any one please provide the steps to upgrade the oracle.


We have a netapp storage box all our db's are stored in the storage box . while upgrading the server 9i to 11 g what are the points to be considered in both storage point of view as well as migration. if you have any tutorials please provide me for this.




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A few weeks ago I have done similar migration;

source: Oracle database worked on SunSolaris 8

destination: oracle database worked on Intel x86_64


I you have small database f.e less than 200GB consider to use EXP/IMP Oracle programs (included on each Oracle Database server: see exp help=y as database owner with ORACLE_HOME environment)

In this option remeber that you need an appropriate undo tablespace and undo retention ( if it is used) or rollabck segmets configured on source database


If you database is larger than 200-300GB consider to upgrade database.



first step: upgrade to

second step: upgrade to


In both situation application/users could not to connect to database during migration process

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