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ITIL - Foundation V3.0 | Full training videos

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I would like to share the full training video for ITIL -Foundation V3.0, the aim of the training is to knows each concept meaning in ITIL even you are not interested to be certified. The training videos published on internet since long time but i work hard to collect all of them in one location?


First, I want to forums moderator to confirm that I can post the video links or not?


Then I will post the videos, there're 154 video, FLV extension, 12MB average size of each and total size is 2.14GB.

All Videos are clear and by easy English, It will add value for any one like to knows ITIL field.





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If this is copyrighted material then sharing is not allowed in this forum. Only free material without any copyright can be shared here.

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I will start to share 30 videos, individual and zipped on same time. Before end of today I will upload same videos on Videobb to make them available online also.

I'm using three different sharing sites(uploading.com - fileserve.com - Deposit.com) as they have FTP upload facility and may be Download Manager tool also.

If someone has different or better; he can re-upload and share them on same topic.


15Nov2011 (Video 1 to 30)


I) Fileserve:



File name: 001-Introduction to the subject ITI597 (IT Infrastructure Library ITIL Foundations).flv File size: 17.00 MB

File name: 002-The Concept of Good Practice.flv File size: 9.87 MB

File name: 003-The Concept of a Service.flv File size: 11.35 MB

File name: 004-The Concept of Service Management.flv File size: 16.49 MB

File name: 005-The Concept of Functions and Processes.flv File size: 17.35 MB

File name: 006-The Concept of a Process and its Characteristics.flv File size: 14.44 MB

File name: 007-The Service Lifecycle Model.flv File size: 15.53 MB

File name: 008-Service Strategy Goals and Objectives.flv File size: 13.46 MB

File name: 009-Service Design Goals and Objectives.flv File size: 12.81 MB

File name: 010-Service Design Value.flv File size: 14.24 MB

File name: 011-Service Transition Goals and Objectives.flv File size: 11.83 MB

File name: 012-Service Transition Value.flv File size: 15.99 MB

File name: 013-Service Operation Goals and Objectives.flv File size: 10.90 MB

File name: 014-Service Operation Value.flv File size: 13.68 MB

File name: 015-Continual Service Improvement Goals and Objectives.flv File size: 11.39 MB

File name: 016-Utility and Warranty.flv File size: 8.71 MB

File name: 017-Assets, Resources and Capabilities.flv File size: 10.45 MB

File name: 018-Service Portfolio.flv File size: 10.87 MB

File name: 019-Service Catalog.flv File size: 11.63 MB

File name: 020-IT Governance.flv File size: 11.71 MB

File name: 021-Business Case.flv File size: 9.98 MB

File name: 022-Risk.flv File size: 14.34 MB

File name: 023-Service Provider.flv File size: 13.39 MB

File name: 024-Supplier.flv File size: 12.80 MB

File name: 025-Service Level Agreement (SLA).flv File size: 14.82 MB

File name: 026-Operational Level Agreement (OLA).flv File size: 11.01 MB

File name: 027-(Underpinning) Contract (UC).flv File size: 10.53 MB

File name: 028-Service Design Package (SDP).flv File size: 12.82 MB

File name: 029-Availability.flv File size: 9.41 MB

File name: 030-Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS).flv File size: 11.65 MB



II) Deposite:


http://depositfiles....files/l3pdfs8r8 001-Introduction_to_the_subject_ITI597__IT_Infrastructure_Library_ITIL_Foundations_.flv

http://depositfiles....files/pnmvlrqmk 002-The_Concept_of_Good_Practice.flv

http://depositfiles....files/1d0o452lj 003-The_Concept_of_a_Service.flv

http://depositfiles....files/h9hbp2bv7 004-The_Concept_of_Service_Management.flv

http://depositfiles....files/eb2teg4r0 005-The_Concept_of_Functions_and_Processes.flv

http://depositfiles....files/bwk6i9al3 006-The_Concept_of_a_Process_and_its_Characteristics.flv

http://depositfiles....files/mxpiqmcla 007-The_Service_Lifecycle_Model.flv

http://depositfiles....files/dgcxrxny5 008-Service_Strategy_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://depositfiles....files/5hg4z8mmk 009-Service_Design_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://depositfiles....files/l7z3ek6bv 010-Service_Design_Value.flv

http://depositfiles....files/if46i5nlv 011-Service_Transition_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://depositfiles....files/b7mgfr11h 012-Service_Transition_Value.flv

http://depositfiles....files/4cgqje4xv 013-Service_Operation_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://depositfiles....files/pww6pi0xj 014-Service_Operation_Value.flv

http://depositfiles....files/0wocitzbn 015-Continual_Service_Improvement_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://depositfiles....files/nnghvpgts 016-Utility_and_Warranty.flv

http://depositfiles....files/iv7qggwsn 017-Assets__Resources_and_Capabilities.flv

http://depositfiles....files/5kbqakidv 018-Service_Portfolio.flv

http://depositfiles....files/2nqha7yob 019-Service_Catalog.flv

http://depositfiles....files/gsqxwdko1 020-IT_Governance.flv

http://depositfiles....files/ii02jqim1 021-Business_Case.flv

http://depositfiles....files/tkmw1ac77 022-Risk.flv

http://depositfiles....files/1sa7qmamx 023-Service_Provider.flv

http://depositfiles....files/gmggrcf6u 024-Supplier.flv

http://depositfiles....files/54fuh7xb4 025-Service_Level_Agreement__SLA_.flv

http://depositfiles....files/8b8ozhuas 026-Operational_Level_Agreement__OLA_.flv

http://depositfiles....files/498l0smax 027-_Underpinning__Contract__UC_.flv

http://depositfiles....files/e7lihq0b7 028-Service_Design_Package__SDP_.flv

http://depositfiles....files/sk94h5akq 029-Availability.flv

http://depositfiles....files/p43o65o34 030-Service_Knowledge_Management_System__SKMS_.flv


III) Uploading.com



http://uploading.com...8SKMS%2529.flv/ , 030-Service_Knowledge_Management_System_(SKMS).flv

http://uploading.com...28SDP%2529.flv/ , 028-Service_Design_Package_(SDP).flv

http://uploading.com...ailability.flv/ , 029-Availability.flv

http://uploading.com...528UC%2529.flv/ , 027-(Underpinning)_Contract_(UC).flv

http://uploading.com...28OLA%2529.flv/ , 026-Operational_Level_Agreement_(OLA).flv

http://uploading.com...28SLA%2529.flv/ , 025-Service_Level_Agreement_(SLA).flv

http://uploading.com...4-Supplier.flv/ , 024-Supplier.flv

http://uploading.com...2BProvider.flv/ , 023-Service_Provider.flv

http://uploading.com...1/022-Risk.flv/ , 022-Risk.flv

http://uploading.com...Governance.flv/ , 020-IT_Governance.flv

http://uploading.com...ess%2BCase.flv/ , 021-Business_Case.flv

http://uploading.com...BPortfolio.flv/ , 018-Service_Portfolio.flv

http://uploading.com...%2BCatalog.flv/ , 019-Service_Catalog.flv

http://uploading.com...pabilities.flv/ , 017-Assets,_Resources_and_Capabilities.flv

http://uploading.com...2BWarranty.flv/ , 016-Utility_and_Warranty.flv

http://uploading.com...on%2BValue.flv/ , 014-Service_Operation_Value.flv

http://uploading.com...Objectives.flv/ , 015-Continual_Service_Improvement_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://uploading.com...Objectives.flv/ , 013-Service_Operation_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://uploading.com...on%2BValue.flv/ , 012-Service_Transition_Value.flv

http://uploading.com...Objectives.flv/ , 011-Service_Transition_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://uploading.com...gn%2BValue.flv/ , 010-Service_Design_Value.flv

http://uploading.com...Objectives.flv/ , 009-Service_Design_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://uploading.com...Objectives.flv/ , 008-Service_Strategy_Goals_and_Objectives.flv

http://uploading.com...le%2BModel.flv/ , 007-The_Service_Lifecycle_Model.flv

http://uploading.com...cteristics.flv/ , 006-The_Concept_of_a_Process_and_its_Characteristics.flv

http://uploading.com...BProcesses.flv/ , 005-The_Concept_of_Functions_and_Processes.flv

http://uploading.com...Management.flv/ , 004-The_Concept_of_Service_Management.flv

http://uploading.com...2BPractice.flv/ , 002-The_Concept_of_Good_Practice.flv

http://uploading.com...%2BService.flv/ , 003-The_Concept_of_a_Service.flv

http://uploading.com...tions%2529.flv/ , 001-Introduction_to_the_subject_ITI597_(IT_Infrastructure_Library_ITIL_Foundations).flv

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