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difference between Windows NT DHCP & windows 2003 DHCP

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DHCP server should be authorized Active Directory, but Windows NT Server this option is not available. why do we nee to authorized ? except the following reason.


informing to the client systems it's authorized to distribute the ip address.


i need some more reason regarding the DHCP authorize....


thanks in advance

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You don't have the option in Windows NT for the simple reason that NT has no knowledge of Active Directory, in the old NT days the user database was a flat non hierarchical where all objects where stored.


With Windows 2000 and later MS introduced the concept of AD which in essence is nothing else if not the mimic of an OpenLDAP database, in Unix/Linux world we use these databases to store application data (from user account to DNS records if the need arises) and Windows is not much different in this sense. Active Directory is nothing else than a DB on which windows stores information about application and services.


This leads to the DHCP auth process which is nothing else than way to store an information in the DB, in this case the list of server which are authorized to lease IP to clients MS defines it a security measure which that is more marketing than anything else it is partially true. For its nature a DHCP just sits on the network and listens on a specific port for packets of specific type almost no other control is done on who actually is leasing the IP, in a Windows environment (assuming all your server is joined to the domain) you need to authorize the DHCP so that the service is allowed to start and serve clients. If the server is not authorized it will simply not lease any IP to clients.


That's basically it, this logic has its faults (lot of them) of course but also some positive aspects as long as the requirements above have been satisfied. It goes alone that once the DHCP is authorized it will serve all kind of clients (domain and not).


Hope this will answer your question but feel free to post again if something is unclear.


Cheers Lethe.

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