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Trouble setting up an Ad-hoc !

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Hello mates ...

Desktop installed with a D - Link Air-plus 520+ WLAN card. Laptop - Dell latitude E6410 with Intel® Centrino 802.11 a/b/g/n and WiMax 802.16e. I am trying to set up an Ad hoc between the two. Enabled Ad hoc on the host desktop and then detected the same on the laptop wireless networks. But it seems to be trying hard to establish the connection and then drops saying " not connected". Tried using open first, then with a WEP and WPA key too. Both the desktop and laptop connects perfectly well to access points in the infrastructure mode.


Mates am i missing something over here which i must do to make up a connection ?


Note that after establishing this ad-hoc, id like to enable ICS and then share the PPPoE internet on my desktop to the laptop.


All suggestions are welcome.

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Mates looks like no one had any suggestions or solutions to this problem.

Moderators please close this topic since it has failed to get any attention in two weeks.

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