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xirrus wireless solution

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hi guys is any of you using xirrus wireless solution? If yes would you recommend it and why ?

thing is we really like the idea of controller build in in to access point and high gain directional multi-sector array antennas which almost doubles the range and coverage compared to other solutions.

But Before we buy them we need to know how much truth there is in that statement and is it a reliable system?, is it easy to manage? and how easy it is to expand it? So if you dealt with them before please let me know about your experience

Many thanks


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“doubles range & coverage”? So 20th century; modern WLAN design focuses on throughput and capacity not range; more AP’s less power more capacity better throughput. Best radio on the market is Moto’s but nobody today would keep a job designing for “range & coverage”; as to management, all enterprise class gear gives you the basics of WLAN hardware management, some better or easier than others; its why Aruba keeps getting market share, cheap, and basically out of the box WLAN, no config, I guess if it’s not mission critical or anything like that its ok, right?



Good Luck!!!

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