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talent pk

whats embedded service engine on 2901 router

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On a Cisco 2901 Router when i upgraded the IOS i saw embedded-service-engine 0/0 came up

what exactly is it ? what's this use for?


i try to enable it but it wont enable saying memory required !


some where i heard that its used for Internal Voice mail .


i want to utilize it



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Embedded Service Engine Overview



Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (Cisco ISRs G2) have dual core CPUs on the motherboard. The first core runs Cisco IOS software as Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) do; the second core, or the Embedded Service Engine, is capable of running Linux-based applications.


The following Cisco ISR G2 platforms support the Embedded Service Engine:


* 2911

* 2921

* 2951

* 3925

* 3945


When the Embedded Service Engine is configured on a Cisco ISR G2, the infrastructure required to run an application on the Embedded Service Engine is partitioned between Cisco IOS software and the Embedded Service Engine.


When embedded applications are enabled, the Embedded Service Engine requires a compact flash card in the second compact flash slot.




Best of luck,



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I read this document already however there is a conflict.


Number 1


I have 2901 router and its also showing embedded-service-engine module? according to Cisco document this module is embedded in series from 2911 to 3945 (excluding 2901 router) but in reality my 2901 is showing that module aswell.

If i type no interface embed-service-engine 0/0 it gives me messege. "removal of physical interface is not permitted"


Number 2


I have installed Second Flash Card 4GB in Second Slot of 2901 router,but still the Embedded service engine doesnt work. When i try to enter this command


service-module enable. The router displays message that there is not enough memory to enable the embedded-service-engine



all suggestions are welcomed

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First of all, I assume that you need at least 1GB of RAM as outlined in the document for the 2911 router. The default memory configuration for these routers is 512MB of RAM "only" which is not enough to enable the service-module even if it's physically available.


On a 2911 router with 2.5GB of RAM enabling the service-module works just fine.


Unfortunately, the only 2901 router that I have access to has just the default 512MB RAM so that I get the same error message.


So maybe the commands are only displayed because the 2901 router uses the same IOS image as its larger brethren, maybe it works if the router has enough memory but I cannot check it for the time being...

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