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Hi All,


I am RB, I plan to give my CCIE R&S


Written in June 2012

Lab in January 2013


I am CCNA just Basic knowledge. My Job profile is I work as Level 1 Engineer with a Managed Service Company.Where in I troubleshoot Network Related issues devices I work on are Cisco 800 1800 2600.Riverbed , Netscreen Firewall.I have access to CORE Devices however have no privileged to make any changes. But Its good I am able to study the design


Have basic knowledge of Protocols like BGP, EIGRP RIP


I need to help on where do I start studying for my CCIE frankly its my ultimate dream


Please all you experienced folks help be on this


I have started studying from Jeff doyle vol 1

I am from Mumbai I don't wanna join any institute because I don't wanna make my self Stuck in Active mode :P


Hoping to find some good answer as am new here and my first post here

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Thats a great link BE.


I'll add - the INE WB1 and Advanced Tech Videos (All 81 hours worth) are fantastic. Theres about 560 labs in WB1.


Im using them and the usual book list. Up to now, cant complain.

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Sorry, the books I have, and like many will say, isnt the complete list,


Routing TCP/IP Vol 1 & 2.

MPLS and VPN Architectures Vol 1 & 2.

Internet Routing Architectures,

QoS Cert Guide,

CCIE R&S Cert Guide, 4th Ed,



All Cisco press.

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Hi RB,

After doing Two CCIE's I realized that besides knowing all the technologies there is a huge non-technical aspect of the CCIE lab that is not there in any book.


After talking to a large number of CCIEs and months of work I am pleased to announce that my first book "Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy the non-technical guidebook" is listed on Amazon now. (Search for CCIE Strategy on Amazon.com) This book covers the non-technical aspects of the CCIE Lab exam like


How much time does it take to do a CCIE?

How can I do a full time job and still study efficiently?

A Timetable to follow

The dos and donts and much more.


You can also preview this book at www.2doubleccies.com.


I am an engineer like you and welcome your comments. So check it out and let me know what you think.




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