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Laptop causing HDD to keep failing?

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Not sure how often this may happen or if this is even the case, I have a laptop with two HDD - Acer 7750G-9621 - Recently the thing keeps reading the disk and almost locking the system. Just started back in December. Anyway, I hear the clicks so I need to replace. Funny part of the story is, when I removed the extra storage HDD, the long reading stopped for about a week. I thought that was the problem..long story short is that it wasn't. The storage drive will randomly read/click now as well. I tried another drive from a different laptop I dont use anymore, did a restore, and now that disk is clicking and doing long reads for no reason.


I need to get a new disk but does this sound right? Can my laptop be causing all these drives to start failing or is is most likely bad luck? Anyone else have something like this happen?


Side note...I'm dual booting Win7/Fedora 16, I can boot to fedora and work fine for the most part. Just throwing it out there.

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To my opinion, it is a power issue. The laptop can not pass enough electrical current to the second HDD and it may result it as that happening. It also can happen in PCs, as it is happening to mine all the day. In PCs, it has a solutin and it is to change the power supply, but in laptops, there is no clue to make it work with two HDDs!


That will be better to use it in one-HDD as you have done it already...

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