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CCNP Security: Step by Step Learning CCNP Security with GNS3

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I have found some very interesting video to learn CCNP Security on youtube. which is discussed in detail by the author.


I have been collated in a systematic, so that colleagues can learn the CCNP Security and arranged sequentially so that the better our understanding and detail.


The CCNP Security material list is as follows:

1.Basic Switched Data Plane Security

2.Cisco IOS CA Server

3.Cisco IOS EZVPN with IOS Client

4.Cisco IOS EZVPN with VPN Client

5.Cisco IOS IPS Features CLI and CCP

6.Cisco IOS Zone Based Firewall

7.Cisco IOS Zone Based Firewall URL Filtering

8.DHCP Snooping and IP Source Guard

9.Dynamic ARP Inspection

10.Dynamic Multipoint VPNs DMVPN

11.EIGRP and RIPv2 Authentication

12.GET VPN with Pre shared Keys

13.Intro to CCNP Security SECURE Series

14.Management Plane Security

15.Network Address Translation NAT

16.OSPF and BGP Authentication

17.Protecting the Spanning Tree Architecture

18.Site to Site IPSec VPN with Scalable Authentication

19.Site to Site IPSec VTI VPN Static

20.SSL VPN Clientless

21.SSL VPN with Cisco AnyConnect Client

22.TACACS Authentication via Cisco ACS


Video can be downloaded on this linked


1. http://adf.ly/6XpFl

2. http://adf.ly/6XqwD

3. http://adf.ly/6XtCh



If you do not understand how to install and set up GNS3, can be used video below:

1. Installer and Basic Command : http://adf.ly/6WXpi

2. How To Install and Setup GNS : http://adf.ly/6XPyG


Happy Study


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