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Problem with Wipro Wep HQ 2600 Dotmatrix Printer

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Dear All,


In my company we use Wipro Wep HQ 2600 Dotmatrix printer for Invoicing purpose.

Since we use thin Client it does not have LPT port so we use LPT to USB Connector.

Since we take much invoices per day contimously sometime what happens the print from the application will never come.

Even if I give test page it wont come and finally what I will do is will delete the printer and again install it.

Sometimes that will fix the problem sometimes even that woont fix so I will change the USB port and the install it

again....That fixes the problem. But I need to know why this happes???Its doesn't happen everyday....It happens sometimes after couple of weeks sometimes after a month....anyone have any idea why this happens and what could be the posible cause for the problem.



Syed Abbas

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