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iphone woes?

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All, just last week I received an iphone from work replacing my venerable BB8330. Now before I continue the BB replaced a Treo 700w; great computer, poor phone. The reason that I mention this is that while the Treo had a touchscreen (computer) it also had a keyboard (phone); this makes it sooo much easier to use the phone as a phone without looking at it; think driving in Manhattan; safety first; right??? I guess what I’m asking is how long does it take to get used to such a pos; I mean my fingers are so big typing is useless, just using the touchscreen can take toooo much time???


I mean is this the reason why iphone users are always staring both blank and dumbfounded on their phones for hours at a time or what???


Now for the basic question; what’s the learning curve on this pos???

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