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World Wide Name (WWN) in Fibre Channel

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Hi everybody,


I am starting to dig into storage network. As a newbie, I have a small question. As we've known, WWN's length is 64 bits. Meanwhile, in Fibre Channel frame, we have only 24-bit addresses.






There needs to be some relationship between this 24-bit address and the 64-bit address associated with World Wide Names. When the device with its WWN logs into the switch on a specific port, the switch will assign the port address to that port and the switch will also maintain the correlation between the port address and the WWN address of the device of that port. This function of the switch is implemented by using the Name Server.


My question is that:


If my storage network does NOT use SAN switch, how can we get the 24-bit address corresponding to the WWN?


I hope receiving your reply soon. Thank in advance :-)

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