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Fortigate Firewall VPN issue

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HI friends,


we have Fortigate 80C firewall in my office, this is having inbuild VPN,UTM and ex..



we are connecting a client's servers for easy access they configute IP filtering and they add our static ip address


so my network users onlycan access the clients servers


always, we are able to connect client servers and we are using those servers using RDP(remote Desktop)




we are not able to take RDP from staff's home using VPN


it means


our staff's accessing office network through VPN (inbulit in Fortigate Firewall)


and able to take RDP in my office Systems, At the time they are not able to connect client's servers




fortigate firewall provide 10.0.0.xd network address when we are connectiong through VPN(my network in 192.168.3.X)


so staffs connecting clients servers, clients network ip filtering is blocking the ip address


Please give me the configuration:


when we are connecting VPN the firewall will provide the same ip address,mask,and gateway what we are using (192.168.3.X)


i think:


the firewall provide the ip and gateway same as we are using


we can able to access the clients servers from staffs home itself


if you have any ideas about this please reply to me




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