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Cisco Blue badge vs Red badge jobs/positions?

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I'm looking for differences between Cisco blue badge vs red badge jobs.


I know that blue badge is permanent (W2, benefits, etc) & red badge is contracting (no W2, no benefits, etc).


But apart from that I'd appreciate any more information you can share. Like job stability, what happens after your project ends, how quickly can we find & start a new project, length of projects, salary, career or future of red badge employee, etc.


Thank you

-Sapan Shroff

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If you read this you will get the gist of things http://www.glassdoor...s-RVW432858.htm


The truth about project based work as a contractor is that as long as you deliver you will get extensions, you have to be better than perm people because if you are not you may be shown the door!


Always keep a finger in the wind to see which way its blowing, if you don't you may get a suprise when they don't renew and you find yourself out of work.


My advice would be get it on your CV and then look for larger earning potential, remember only dogs are loyal to the end and always follow the money.



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