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FSMO roles and the way to sieze

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Hi there :)

I am posting a new subject after many months, hope someone will help me


My office was running with a 2003 server domain controller and 2008R2 additional domian controller- And few days before my DC decided to die which lead to the non functioning of many DC roles. and i did siezed all the FSMO roles forcily because the DC was not available. Now the 2008R2 is the DC for me. Surprisingly after few days the old DC ( 2003 server ) decided to work again after i claned the whole server HDD connectors.


Now i want to know what are the steps to decide that my new DC (20008R2) has siezed all roles.

So that i can dcpromo the old 2003 server with all respect :) and say goodbye to that machine.


Any help?



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I personally advice you against bringing the old FSMO holder back into the network, been there done that, but in the end that's up to you, read here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc780487(WS.10).aspx specifically the Ramifications of Role Seizure section which reads :


"If a role is seized, the new role holder is configured to host the operations master role with the assumption that you do not intend to return the previous role holder to service. Use role seizure only when the previous role holder is not available and you need the operations master role to keep the directory functioning. Because the previous role holder is not available during a seizure, you cannot reconfigure the previous role holder and inform it that another domain controller is now"


There is more so be sure to read the whole article


Hope this will help.


Cheers Lethe.

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