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BGP Traffic Issue

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Hello Friends,


I am facing BGP Issue.


I am working with Local Internet Service Provider. One of my location I have two parent ISP each contains 15 Mbps and 40 Mbps bandwidth.


I have total 3 ip pools. Every IP pool contains /24 subnet mask. As per our contact with my parent ISPs I can only advertise /24. That’s why I am advertising my one pool in 15 Mbps and remaining two pools in 40 mbps. But my problem is that when I advertise any one pool in 15 Mbps link going full utilization. I don’t want to change my Pool advertisement.


Can I do any load balancing for particular pool in my both ISPs???? after load balancing My one pool can be load balance ??


My BGP system is not transit and my parent ISP only give me default route.


Or any way to utilize both link??? Any BGP setting should I use???


Any MED setting???


Please replay me



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