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Macbook Pro for System|Network Administrator

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Hi guys.


At the moment I use 14" Asus laptop for the following tasks:

- Internet browsing

- pdf files reading

- vmware workstation network emulating

- several applications for remote connection such as RDP, Telnet, SSH.

- other tools related to Windows/Cisco administration


On my current laptop I feel that I need much more display space and 1366x768 resolution is extremely insufficient. If MBPR 13" with 2560х1600 will be released it would be great, BUT, will I be able to run all the Windows applications on Macbook Pro? (if yes, then how exactly it would be possible?)


I would like to move on macbook (macbook and not mac os) but Windows software availability (for system/network administration) is of great importance.

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you can use bootcamp feature of macbook to install windows on that.

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