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Need help on this piece of code, what is occurring in the following pi

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public static ExportState Load( DirectoryInfo diTempFolder ) {

XmlSerializer xsSerializer = null;

StreamReader srReader = null;

FileInfo fi = null;

ExportState state = null;

try {

if( diTempFolder != null ) {

if( !diTempFolder.Exists ) {



fi = new FileInfo( Path.Combine( diTempFolder.FullName, Constants.FNAME_EXPORT_STATE ) );

xsSerializer = new XmlSerializer( typeof( ExportState ) );

srReader = new StreamReader( fi.FullName, System.Text.Encoding.UTF8 );

state = (ExportState)xsSerializer.Deserialize( srReader );

state.TempDirectory = diTempFolder;


return state;

} finally {

if( srReader != null ) {





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