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MPLS basic configuration & Setup:

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I will start, understanding the configuration and setup of MPLS, so any hints will help me in this, and if you have any basic setup & scenarios of MPLS "L2, L3 & VPLS"




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I like the Sybex MPLS certification book from back in the day.


It's cheap now and straight to the point.


It covers mostly everything covered by the first half of MPLS Fundamentals by Luc de Ghein from Cisco Press.


It's not that bad:


Enable ip cef

Enable MPLS globally

Enable MPLS on interfaces


Create vrf and the RD.

Create rt for import and export

Assign interfaced to the desired vrf

Re-type the IP per interface


Configure IGP or MP-BGP for associated protocol as required.

Use the address-family commands under the relative routing process.


Hope this helps


Darby Weaver

Edited by Darby Weaver

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