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Interested in Cisco Network Engineering and Design

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I can get your help and expertise with guiding me to the right direction.

I'm in the telecommuncations industry (5+years), but do basic network related tasks on a day to day basis as a network specialist (CCNA level). My goal is to get in to network engineering and design with medium to large scale networks. I have huge interest also, in working with google -


I have my JNCIA and CCNA. My ROUTE and SWITCH is completed, and next month my TSHOOT will be completed...therefore I will be a full CCNP in a month.

I do not believe these skills are enough to land myself a decent job, especially without the experience. I'm currently hunting for something, and hope to get lucky and find something soon so I can utilize these skills day in and day out so possibly in a year or two, I can apply to Google with the knowledge and experience in hand.

As for my certification path, I'm not stopping and I was thinking about doing CCDA and CCDP (only 2 exams). Will this make me a better candidate and employee as a network engineer or designer or do you suggest I don't waste my time and jump straight on the CCIE route? I was told the CCDx path is only meant for pre-sales engineering folks.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,


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