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Real McCoy

how to burn DVDs of an offline webportal

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Dear all


I have an offline learning webportal which size is 20 GB in total with index.html or index.exe or start.exe and other videos and audio folders. I would like to send this learning suite to remote field offices with DVD 8.5GB. so may be 3 x 8.5 GB DVDs to each office. I would like to know how to do.


Actually I would like to name Disc 1, 2, 3 in series and after DisC1 is inserted, it should appear dialog box as press enter to download to "D:\Learning\" and after copying to that location is finished, the prompt to insert Disc 2, and Disc 3 and so on.


After that, we will get complete webportal offline learning suite in desired location :D:\learning. and that will save buying USB external HDDs to each office.


I dont know how to implement this.




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To my opinion the best solution will be to rar the 20GB in to 3 files with 8.5 GB. So that they will need to unrar starting from the DVD 1, then DVD 2 and then DVD 3.

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